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Woodchurch Smokery is based in Woodchurch, Kent and produces a wide range of hot and cold smoked foods. We also provide expert tuition, services and products to help you with your home smoking and curing.

Cold Smoked and Cured

We produce and sell a wide range of artisan smoked foods. Amongst our specialities are traditional smoked salmon and trout, cheeses and butter, dry cure bacon, nuts, salt and oil.

BBQ, Smoking and Curing Tuition

Take your BBQ and smoking skills to the next level or learn to cure and smoke bacon and fish at home. Our courses and tuition are all hands-on and cater for all skill levels.

Low-and-Slow BBQ

American style BBQ meats that are smoked at low temperatures for up to 12 hours over traditional hardwoods. Our meats include brisket, ribs, pulled pork, beef and turkey.

BBQ, Curing and Smoking Supplies

We supply a wide range of equipment and consumables to help with your home BBQ, curing and smoking. These include smoking pellets, bacon curing kits and curing salts 

You Catch We Smoke...

If you fish then why not let us smoke your


Make your event even more special

We can supply a range of hot BBQ meats, cooked and ready to serve 

Useful Resources

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