Who are Woodchurch Smokery

Woodchurch Smokery was the first registered smokery in the Ashford area. We produce a wide range of hot and cold smoked and cured foods and also provide training and tuition to help people to get the most out of their BBQs and Smokers. 

We are an artisan food producer that prides itself on producing regular small batches of hand crafted products. This enables us to also prepare specific products to meet individual requirements. If you rear your own pig and would like some of the meat turned into bacon, ham or gammon then Woodchurch Smokery will be happy to assist you. We provide a service to local trout fishermen who would like their catch cured and smoked. For the American ex-pats we can produce traditional American style smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving. If you are having a special event at home or work then we deliver low-and slow hot smoked foods ready to serve, including ribs, brisket, pulled pork and BBQ beans.


We have been smoking and BBQing food for over 15 years after Wade discovered the true flavours of BBQ whilst working in the USA. Since then we have been providing traditional American style “low-and-slow” meats for both private and public events.

Wade imported his first American smoker into the UK in 2000 and since then the number and variety of smokers he owns and uses has significantly increased. Wade now offers tuition on the use of all types of BBQ/smoker including back yard kettle, bullet, offset, commercial, charcoal, gas and pellet models.


From the early days, Wade has always liked to smoke cheese and fish. Ten years ago he also  began to develop other cured and cold smoked products. Woodchurch Smokery now produce a range of cold smoked fish, cheese, meats, bacon and nuts.

In 2016, after many years of providing personal and online BBQ tuition and advice, Wade started to provide formal BBQ and smoking training courses. These are designed for people who want to improve their existing BBQ skills and also those who simply want to discover the capabilities of the BBQ that is in their back garden.

Wade has been contributing to and managing a number of online BBQ and Smoking related forums over the years. He currently administers the WoodSmoke Forum in the UK and is an OTBS member and manages the UK group on the American Smoking Meat Forum

Since 2015 Wade has been one of the organisers of the annual UK Smokers Weekend - an event where BBQ and smoking enthusiasts from all over the UK meet to enjoy cooking and eating the best of low-and-slow BBQ.

Wade gives BBQ cookery demonstrations at various public events and he is also a certified KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) judge.